How Much Revenue is Lost Each Year and How Much Cash Goes Uncollected Due to a Breakdown Between Your CREDITandSALES teams?

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Dear Business Credit Executive,

Like you, I was tired of our Salespeople…

  • Slowing down cash collections
  • Not responding to email & voicemail messages
  • Whining and complaining about our Credit Services team.

Like you, I needed to find new and innovative ways to deliver more value to my organization. I can tell you from experience, by strengthening your CREDITandSALES relationship, you can:

  • Maximize your cash flow
  • Increase profitability
  • AND boost the value of your Credit Services team!

If you’d like to enjoy these benefits and get your Sales team more involved in increasing cash collections, responding to email & voicemail messages and stopping the whining and complaining about your Business Credit team, you should contact me right now and schedule me for your next team meeting!

Why should you focus on your CREDITandSALES teams? It’s quite simple, Sales delivers REVENUE, and Business Credit delivers CASH! Your bottom line improves when these teams work closer together to achieve results.

Who better to learn from than a successful business executive with over 15 years of real-world experience as a Sales Manager AND Business Credit executive? My hands-on experience makes me the ideal mentor to reveal the strategies and techniques to help you strengthen their CREDITandSALES relationship AND increase profits!

“I was impressed by your ability to bring a practical solution to a problem that has been around for years. You present yourself very professionally, and I liked your ideas. Thank you.”
~ Susan M. Archibeque, CCE
Director of Credit
Nicholas & Company, Inc.

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In order for your organization to maximize its Revenue and Cash performance, you must enjoy a solid and positive relationship between the Business Credit and Sales teams.

I Never Planned on Becoming a Professional Speaker and Business Credit Coach…
Before I get into more details, let me explain how this all came about.

In the summer of 2002, I attended a Credit Management Conference with over 1,500 Business Credit executives–what a great conference! There were informative speakers, an energized atmosphere and great networking opportunities. I was amazed at the number of executives who had committed themselves to improve their skills and to learn more about our profession, and I was not surprised that the majority of the attendees shared the same goals noted in the above headline.

During the conference, I made it a point to attend each and every session offered. At one of the sessions I had the opportunity to introduce myself to the presenter prior to the presentation starting. In doing so, we exchanged a few greetings and shared a little about each of our careers.

While sharing a little history about each other during the conversation, I mentioned that I have over thirteen years of sales and sales management experience and, for the past four years, I have been in the business credit and customer service side of the business. He asked me why I made the change, as it is a bit unusual for a Salesperson to “cross the line” into the Business Credit side of the business.

Before I could explain, it was time for the presentation to begin. The presenter was not more than five minutes into the session and a voice from the back of the room interjected, “That would probably work if only the salespeople would work with us instead of against us!”

Light Bulb Moment
That comment surprised me because I have always enjoyed a strong and positive relationship with our sales team. This has resulted in better cash flow, increased profitability and has boosted my team’s value within the organization.

So the next thing I knew…the speaker was pointing to me, asking if I would like to offer a response to the group! When I turned to face the audience, I was surprised to see a room full of Business Credit executives anxiously awaiting my comment. You can imagine what was going through my mind, as I knew I was the only “salesperson” in a roomful of Business Credit executives.

I took a deep breath and shared a technique with the group that I have used for years to overcome the seemingly common communication issue. In consideration of the presenter’s time, I mentioned if any of the attendees wanted me to share some of my other techniques and strategies with them to please see me after the session.

Well, that opened the floodgates! Over half of the credit service executives handed me their business card after the session and wanted more information on how to strengthen his or her CREDITandSALES relationship.

Got the picture? The salesperson turned Business Credit executive was in high demand! Quite frankly I could not keep up with the individual requests I was receiving so I founded and packaged my years of real-world experience into new and exciting programs designed to help you strengthen your CREDITandSALES relationship.

By the way, I was invited to present my strategies and techniques at NACM’s (National Association of Credit Management) 107th Credit Congress in 2003, and I was invited back for the 109th Credit Congress in 2005 and again for the 111th Credit Congress in 2007!

“Thank you for the inspiring and informative session at the NACM Orlando conference. I was one of the many people at the back of the room sitting in extra chairs and on the edge of my seat!”
~ Irene Poth
Credit Manager
Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

A live event has a long lasting impact on your organization! Visit my Testimonials section to see what my very satisfied clients are saying about me. So if you’re ready to discover these well-kept and easy-to-follow strategies and techniques that can improve your results, contact me right now to check availability and ask about my special association discounts!

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Good Selling and Great Collecting!

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"I really enjoyed your presentation at the NACM Credit Congress. I have always been an advocate of building a strong relationship with sales and by attending your session came back more enthusiastic and pumped up to do the right things!"

~ Alice Thivyanathan / Credit-Collections


"You did it again; you dazzled the heck out of our members! Seriously, thank you for pleasing our delegates and giving them helpful material and expertly delivered presentations! But again, I'm not're a guaranteed success at our conference! Your sessions were rated extremely high, you cannot imagine how good that makes me feel...happy members make me happy!" ~ Dianna Rowinski / Director of Education Services / Wisconsin Credit Association


"I was impressed by your ability to bring a practical solution to a problem that has been around for years. You present yourself very professionally, and I liked your ideas. Thank you." ~ Susan M. Archibeque, CCE / Director of Credit / Nicholas & Company, Inc.


"I learned how to leverage relationships to increase collection efficiencies. Great presentation, a lot of takeaways that can easily be implemented and used!"

~ Cecile de la Rosa / Credit Manager


"You are the first sales/credit speaker I have seen on this subject that actually gave me working information I can use to strengthen my relationship with our sales department, a relationship I feel is quite strong already. Again - thank you!" ~ Heidi Lindgren-Boyce, CCE / Star Rentals Inc


"Davy was unanimously rated by our members as 'one of the best speakers' at a seminar!" ~ Patty Fullmer / Credit Manager / Crescent Electric Supply Company


"I will approach management to schedule a credit and sales workshop as this will help increase profits and productivity...well structured and motivational presentation!"
~ Theresa Leister


"One of the best presentations I've seen in 18 years of Credit Services!" ~ Candace Berry / Credit Manager / Estes Incorporated


"We have implemented some of your teachings into our work environment and have already seen results" ~ Bette Jackson / Credit Supervisor / Total Logistic Control, LLC